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The Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool.

‘And when did you last see your father?’
By William Frederick Yeames
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23 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi diffusethemuse – thanks for the follow of Aspiring to Inspire. I am grateful you took the time. I look forward to reading more on your blog. I had never heard of a doggerel and will have to look at that more along with your many other selections. Thank you.

    • Hi Debcorreia, and thank you very much for visiting me! I’m glad found something you liked. Yes, doggerel is more a derogatory term than an actual poetic form. More often than not doggerel is a serious poem that is so bad, it’s funny. Writing doggerel intentionally and well, offers a different kind of challenge and I enjoy getting silly occasionally.

    • What nonsense is this? Absolutely not. Never. To the contrary infact, I find these days fraught with rammed communications and pressing engagements. I am a slow minded (not witted) person. The conversations I most enjoy are like a game of cricket: They last 3 days even though in the first hour everyone knows who’s going to win. They break for tea and lunch. Clouds stop play but by and large, great fun is had by all. Please don’t even think such a thing.

  2. Hello. Thank you for stoping by to my blog and following, I am very glad that helped me discover your page. I took a look at some of your stuff and it is very nice, I like it and rest assured I will return for more.

  3. Sorry this is a really dense question that highlights my complete incompetence but… where do I need to go to see your most recent poems? Normally homepages show that automatically but I just land here each time – and you have lots of categories. I see your poems come through my newsfeed but would love to be able just to check in. Sorry for being dense, if you can share a link I’d be very grateful! Thank you x

    • Not dense at all. I’d been meaning to change the front page setting from ‘static’ to ‘recent post’ for a while. Now done. Thanks for liking my work and visiting. 🙂

      • OH so it WASN’T me being stupid? *does happy dance* that hardly ever happens!

        Thank you. Now you’re on my special list you see. My reader is getting quite full and I wanted to make a smaller list of blogs to make a special effort to keep up with.

      • Thank you. I’m trying to stick to the discipline of writing once a day so that I can learn more quickly. I’ve never written poetry before this last month so there is much to learn.

      • I am still getting your static homepage??…

        (I’m not sure if I already said thank you for your very kind comments. They mean a huge amount to me coming from someone as talented as yourself).

      • It appears to have reset itself’… I’ll have to investigate where I went wrong.– Thank you for holding my poetry in such high esteem. I’m honoured.

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