Doña Aurora

Doña Aurora


The scent of Eos lingers in her wake,
A rare Shiraz—uncorked, releasing tones
Of aniseed and cinnamon; bouquet
Whose redolence drifts down the alleyways
And blends acerbic-sweet with notes of coffee and cacao
That percolate through slats in unglazed windows;
The sun’s oblique and penetrating rays
Defy the lofty, jealous fronds, and squeeze
Between the crowded planet’s oak and concrete bastions,
To poke through breeze-block slots
And highlight cracks in flaky-pastry walls;
Aurora, time-derided, eroded, cracked,
Heart pitted like the hands that wield the broom,
Downtrodden like the object of her enterprise,
Plays out the litany of morning ritual
And, smiling, sweeps again the crumbling path;
Wherein she sees beyond each bristle’s stroke
A cloud of musty memories exhumed
To briefly spritz, and fall in motes of dreams
Long dead, and now reburied in the dust.
But clouds will gather in the afternoon,
Convective gusts will dissipate stale spice
And August rains will flood the rutted ground
To sanitize with petrichor anew;
And all shall lie in readiness for tomorrow’s
Infusions, diffusions, oblations and sorrows


2 thoughts on “Aurora

    • Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I’m very pleased that you enjoyed Aurora. She lives here, in Santo Domingo, in a barrio that I often visit. Every morning she sweeps the bit of pathway that crosses in front of her little house. Thanks for those kind words, much appreciated.

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