Enchanted Days

800px-Tree_and_street_lamp_in_winterEnchanted Days

Where August’s children once did play
Among the verdant leaves,
Till Arctic legions marched to slay
September’s dancing breeze;

And summer’s ragged remnant sent
O’er allied western seas,
Fell to the gusting flurries vent
By North Wind’s blasting freeze;

Till battling winds surrendered to
The host of winter’s flow,
And autumn leaves lay buried ‘neath
The newly fallen snow;

See now the frosty glacial mist
Of winter’s creeping breath,
His formless mouth on autumn’s lips
Bestow the kiss of death;

See how his arms stretch o’er the land
A petrified embrace,
Held frozen in his frosty hand
In sheets of ice encased;

O’ summer days of passions high
How well your dawns are missed!
The glory of your morning sky
That burned the dew-drenched mist;

And golden autumn’s clement stir
That flayed the swaying trees,
Till auburn diamonds filled the air
And paved the streets with leaves;

In sadness we do say farewell
To your enchanted days,
As all succumb to winter’s spell
And his beguiling ways;

For now a blanket soft and white
Enshrouds your dormant land,
Preserved in ice and sleeping tight
In winter’s covering hand;

And in his arms you’ll slumber long
Until the dawn of spring,
When you’ll awaken to the song
Of swallows on the wing.


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