What is Love

What is Love?

Image courtesy of Steeve Wheeler at Learning with 'e's Click image to visit

Image courtesy of Steeve Wheeler at Learning with ‘e’s
Click image to visit

You ask me what is love, I say it’s naught.
For love can not be framed in logic’s reason;
What mind can comprehend those yearnings wrought
In hearts enraptured in love’s vernal season?
Behold the rose in bloom ‘neath summer’s sky,
Drenched in the morning dew, her fleeting fashion
Sparks fission in the musing poet’s eye,
His quill is filled to brim with ardent passion;
For passion’s root lies buried in mortality,
Yet love transposes finite mortal measure,
A moment shared becomes perpetuality,
A stolen kiss, immortalized forever.
    Two mortal hearts flushed bright with love’s vermilion,
    Walk boldly, hand-in-hand, into oblivion.


12 thoughts on “What is Love

  1. How funny that I should land here first when I came to your blog via your comment on my post about newborn love! This is beautiful. I have only just started to write so am still learning about how to use measure etc – this is great inspiration.

    • So kind of you to comment. After reading your poem I am sure you have been writing in your heart for a long time, now is the time for it coming out. The sonnet is one of my favourite forms, traditionally confined to rigid rule of meter and rhyme-scheme, but I find the symmetry to be very beautiful. I’m very glad you found my poem pleasing. Thank you.

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