Gaia’s Memoirs No.4

Gaia’s Memoirs No.4

I will not permit
A collective consciousness
Bereft of conscience.

Map of the World Wide Web Wikicommons

Map of the World Wide Web


7 thoughts on “Gaia’s Memoirs No.4

  1. I think she would gladly permit it. And does. And perhaps even revels in it. Thank you in this case for not posting links to these. Finding them mostly on my own yielded up much more fun.

      • I will here state that normally I do like the links. A fellow blogger will write something in the way of: “Here take a look at this re our/your topic of discussion.” I see it mostly as a kindness, and so generally when I do the same I give links, although once in a while I may relate something like “search for ‘Lady Day’ and you will be moved at the exchange you will find.”

        Truly such should probably not be seen as shameless promotion in today’s fast-paced world, I think.

      • Thanks for taking time to reply. I regret causing inconvenience, as a conscientious communicator, I strive always to practice the conventions of courtesy. Rest assured, henceforth, it shall be links. I am pleased that you enjoyed.

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