Autumn Loaf

Autumn Loaf


A plastic bottle and a well-licked
tuna fish can, both flashing topless
in shadows that strobe the gutter
on the street below my balcony.
Between them, misplaced,
A leaf.
My shirt sticks to my back like cling-film
on well-kneaded, well-risen dough;
a languid simile,
but it’s far too humid for cool metaphor
in the suburbs of Santo Domingo
this mid-September.
Even the simile doesn’t cut
hear that hollow sound?
Means I’m done.


Celtic Wind

Celtic Wind

When autumn’s fickle whims prevail
Those mistral airs to blast,
And heaving ship trims brimming sail
To groans of tortured mast;

Then to our shores those Celtic Winds
Shall blow o’er churning seas,
And sweep the shifting dunes to sing
A-howling through the leas;

To swoon the shedding trees that dance
And woo the battered shore,
Where grasses bend in humble stance
And bow their heads in awe;

White plumes of clashing wave-crest spray
Explode from foaming crowns,
Their kelpish brine born ‘cross the bay
To rain o’er coastal towns;

And o’ to drink that Irish air
Infused with shamrock spice,
Imbued the vein the heart to stir
The eye to brim with life;

So we shall savor his sojourn
In our transfigured land,
Until the sceptre be returned
To cold and staying hands;

For soon the breath of Emerald Isle
Will silence and be still,
Upon return from exile of
The king of winter’s chill;

And then amid the silence kissed
By sombre winter freeze,
We’ll reminisce through icy mist
your noble Irish breeze.