Gaia’s Memoirs No.26

Gaia’s Memoirs No.26

Consciousness recedes
In winter’s embrace. Trees dream
Dreams of new green leaves.

Spring Leaves Image: Les Chatfield

Spring Leaves
Image: Les Chatfield


Gaia’s Memoirs No.21

Gaia’s Memoirs No.21

The phalanx musters.
Thermals rise in the Levant;
Pregnant, winter waits.

Ciconia ciconia, The White Stork Image: Wikipedia

Ciconia ciconia, The White Stork
Image: Wikipedia

Spring Eternal

Eternal Love by Jahar Dasgupta

Eternal Love by Jahar Dasgupta

Spring Eternal

Upon the touch of Erin’s clement breeze
‘Cross beryl seas where vernal currents flow,
Through feldspar rime of winter’s icy freeze
Blooms verdant spring where lay the barren snow;
What bent pervades within those wisps a-fleet
Whose touch can pass so subtle and unfelt,
That with one kiss from Gaia’s lips so sweet
A season’s empire falls and glaciers melt;
But nature wrought in you her work’s increase
When I, in Uller’s bondage you did kiss,
And from the frosts of Holda’s field release
My love to blossom in your season’s bliss.
Now every day at dawn the swallows sing,
To cant the birth of yet another spring.


Enchanted Days

800px-Tree_and_street_lamp_in_winterEnchanted Days

Where August’s children once did play
Among the verdant leaves,
Till Arctic legions marched to slay
September’s dancing breeze;

And summer’s ragged remnant sent
O’er allied western seas,
Fell to the gusting flurries vent
By North Wind’s blasting freeze;

Till battling winds surrendered to
The host of winter’s flow,
And autumn leaves lay buried ‘neath
The newly fallen snow;

See now the frosty glacial mist
Of winter’s creeping breath,
His formless mouth on autumn’s lips
Bestow the kiss of death;

See how his arms stretch o’er the land
A petrified embrace,
Held frozen in his frosty hand
In sheets of ice encased;

O’ summer days of passions high
How well your dawns are missed!
The glory of your morning sky
That burned the dew-drenched mist;

And golden autumn’s clement stir
That flayed the swaying trees,
Till auburn diamonds filled the air
And paved the streets with leaves;

In sadness we do say farewell
To your enchanted days,
As all succumb to winter’s spell
And his beguiling ways;

For now a blanket soft and white
Enshrouds your dormant land,
Preserved in ice and sleeping tight
In winter’s covering hand;

And in his arms you’ll slumber long
Until the dawn of spring,
When you’ll awaken to the song
Of swallows on the wing.